December 2012 Preorder Service Hiatus

Hello all,

I wasn’t sure how to go about this but I wanted to explain this announcement in depth.

*Take note that this only applies to preorders for December. All preorders made before December 2012 will still be delivered as scheduled.

**Onhand orders are still accepted.

Aside from high shipment traffic during the holidays (all batch delivery orders from November 10 onwards already have a delivery schedule of Jan-Feb 2013), I am also taking a break for personal reasons.

My husband and I are preparing to move to our new place and I will need to personally attend to fixing/setting it up this December. Since I will be out and about most of the time, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to respond/process preorders in a timely manner. No need to worry about onhand orders, though, as thoseΒ will be taken care of by my newly-appointed assistant.Β As much as I would like to let my assistant handle preorders, the entire preordering operation is much too complicated and requires personal attention from me.

Hoping for your kind consideration.

Wish me luck on this new home project of ours!

Thank you and Happy Holidays! πŸ™‚

– Suyen


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