[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

*How do I place a pre-order?
How to Preorder
*How do I use a discount code?
to be announced
*Is the price on the website in Dollars the same price I will be charged in Pesos?
Unfortunately, the prices posted in Dollars in US websites are NOT inclusive of tax & shipping fees yet. Aside from that, we also charge US to PHIL shipping and handling, PHIL customs fees, & House of Flair processing fee. But don’t worry, we charge minimal fees for that.
*How will I know how much an item for preorder costs?
FOR PREORDERS: Kindly email (houseofflair@gmail.com) the names/links of the items you are interested in so we can give you a quotation. We prefer to email/PM you for the prices since we can easily access the prices via the websites & texting the names and prices of individual items is quite tedious & time-consuming.
Our prices are already inclusive of the ff:
US (California) Sales Tax [9.75% of product cost]
US shipping and handling [starts at $5.95]
US to PHIL shipping and handling
PHIL customs fees
House of Flair processing fee
*Individual prices will come out more expensive as fees are applied per item. If you decide to get 2 or more items, we can give you a discount
*May I know the computation for your prices?
We don’t have a set/fixed computation since US shipping and taxes vary per store or in the case of Ebay/Amazon, they vary per product. We try to give you the best prices per item/per store.
*How much is the downpayment needed to process my order?
We only require 50% downpayment to process your order but you are free to pay in full so that your order will be shipped out as soon as it arrives and it will also be more convenient since you only have to pay once. (No need to go the bank twice!)
*If I decide to pay half for now, when do I settle the remaining balance?
House of Flair will notify you once your order arrives. You then have 5 business days to settle your balance so that your order can be delivered out to you.
*Why can’t I order directly from US online stores?
– Some US online stores do ship to the Philippines but their international shipping charges are very expensive while others do not ship to the Philippines or any other country outside the United States. Also, most US online stores only accept US credit cards. We try to bring in their products at the best prices.
Rest assured that all the items are authentic as we order them directly from their online stores in the US.
*What if I have my own Paypal/Credit Card that I can use to order from US online stores and just have my order  sent to your US address? How much will you charge?
– Unfortunately, we are not open for this kind of transaction. For safety & security purposes, all our transactions, from payment to delivery, must be coursed through House of Flair.
*Can I order from other countries such as UK or Japan?
– We can only accept orders for US-based online stores. The reason is that if it is delivered either to our US or Phil address, this will definitely incur customs fees and taxes which we will not know the exact price until it is delivered. Also, the delivery time usually takes longer than the usual wherein we cannot guarantee on time delivery.
*How do I pay for my order/pre-order?
Your invoice/confirmation will be sent to you along with the payment details via email.
*How long do I wait for my preorder to arrive?
See our schedule here.
*What if I want my preorder to arrive earlier?
We have express delivery for that!
*How come some items from Ebay cannot be purchased from you?
– To avoid complications in the transaction, we can only buy items with Buy It Now options.
– Only Ebay items shipping from the US can be bought via the House of Flair. The reason is that if it is delivered either to our US or Phil address, this will definitely incur customs fees and taxes which we will not know the exact price until it is delivered. Also, the delivery time usually takes longer than the usual wherein we cannot guarantee on time delivery.
*How will I be sure you will deliver the goods to me?
– The House of Flair prides itself in being honest and trustworthy.
Do feel free to check out our FEEDBACK page and see how our customers feel about our service 🙂
*How can I track my orders?
– You may track your order here: http://fastrack.ph/track/
*What is your damaged goods policy?
– Before we ship out any product, we make sure to check (and re-check) all items. We do our best to pack our products as secure as we can. Any damages incurred during shipping is outside our jurisdiction. If the items are damaged before we ship them out, our policy is to offer you a full refund or a replacement of the same item in the next batch delivery.
*What if I change my mind?
– You may still change/cancel your pre-order as long as you have not paid the downpayment.
*What if my pre-ordered item/s are delayed?
– We do try our best to allot enough time for the shipment to be delivered on time, if not earlier. But, unfortunately, in some cases, delays may occur due to varied transit times and customs processing and is therefore outside our jurisdiction.
That is why we can only provide the ESTIMATED date of arrival of products from the US.
*Can I ask to buy products from other websites aside from the ones posted on your website?
– Do send us the link/details of the product/s you are interested in and we will try to work something out 🙂
*Can we order ANYTHING from the US?
– We can order pretty much anything from the US as long as it can fit our shipment box. Although, we do have some RESTRICTIONS. House of Flair reserves the right to decline orders from US online stores that are reviewed to be illegitimate/unreliable.
*Why can’t we pay as soon as we order?
– We need to verify the availability of the product/s that you will be ordering and keep track of all the payments we receive.
*Do you do meet-ups?
– As much as we would like to accommodate requests for meet-ups, our schedules will not always allow this. To be fair to everyone, we decided not to allow meet-ups, as this also defeats the purpose of having an online store. Also, we offer FREE shipping nationwide!
*Why do we have to notify you about our payment?
– We will need you to notify us of your payment/downpayment so that we can verify and process your order immediately.
*What if I can’t make the payment deadline?
– f you need a few days payment extension, feel free to ask. I’m pretty nice about it. 😉
For any questions not answered here, feel free to email me [houseofflair@gmail.com] 🙂