We only require 50% downpayment to process your order but you are free to pay in full so that your order will be shipped out as soon as it arrives and it will also be more convenient since you only have to pay once.

You have 3 business days to settle your payment. Please inform House of Flair for any emergency extensions needed.


Fill up a deposit slip/form with House of Flair bank details provided in your invoice.


Go to any Globe/Smart branch and send money to House of Flair Gcash/SmartMoney account (details provided in your invoice) or Use your Gcash/SmartMoney mobile account to send money to House of Flairโ€™s Gcash/SmartMoney number.

LBC Pera Padala

Go to any LBC branch and fill up an LBC Pera Padala form to House of Flair (details provided in your invoice)

Credit Card/Paypal

Invoice will be sent to you via email with instructions on how to settle the payment. CC/Paypal fees apply (5% of total)