For the prices, kindly email me the link/s of the item/s you are interested in so we can give you a quotation. (

Individual prices will come out more expensive as fees are applied per item. If you decide to get 2 or more items, we can give you a discount

Our prices are inclusive of ALL fees:
– US (California) Sales Tax [9.75% of product cost]
– US shipping and handling [starts at $5.95]
– US to PHIL shipping and handling
– PHIL customs fees
– House of Flair processing fee

Unlike Philippine prices where tax is included, US prices are NOT inclusive of tax.

House of Flair Peso Dollar Price

*If a store offers free shipping, we take that into consideration and adjust our pricing.

Our prices for Pre-Ordered Items are not posted because they are subject to change due to FOREX. Also, we do not have a set computation for the pricing. Our computations just happen to be complex since we do try our best to give you the best possible prices we can depending on the items & the store’s policies/shipping fees etc.